I dream of a world where we as humans live in full connection with our inner power and potential. We know our value and we know how amazing we are. We are fully capable of loving ourselves and others. All our relationships are loving and respectful. We are not afraid of our ever-changing emotions and experiences and we know how to extract the power from them. From this place in ourselves, we can shine and share our strengths, gifts and talents, and help make our world a better place, both in the small and the large things.

I know I share this dream with many, probably even with you.

As humans we need support and methods to achieve this, to see our natural power, strength and loving open heart. The act and process of creativity can offer us a path to get to know this truth about ourselves. It is a very rich source of wisdom, self-knowledge and flourishing. I know because I made this journey myself. But not on my own. I have had fantastic teachers who have shown me the way. Human beings like you and me who stand strongly in their wisdom and unwavering belief in the innate power, goodness and perfection of humans. These amazing teachers have stood firmly rooted in their conviction and have shown me that it is possible to go beyond my limitations and my victimhood, some of which I did not even know I had. For that I am forever grateful.

In Shine Through Art we want to carry on this message. We have an unwavering belief in the potential of humans, that every one of us is immensely powerful and we can expand and grow to live as the best version of ourselves. We want to share this wisdom by guiding people to flourish through creativity and art. The magic of the creative process opens us up to our wisdom and power. We get in touch with the foundation of our true nature where there are no limitations. We really can shine through art.


Creativity that focuses on unleashing the innate power of human beings is the foundation of my own painting practice and of my journey as a professional artist. I would not be where I am today if I had not received the keys to my creative process from the painting method Vedic Art and the wisdom of both life and art that the method offers.

My involvement in the grassroots movement Balanced View with its great techniques for empowerment of the mind has also provided a foundation for my passion to support the participants in my courses in opening up to a more free creativity and to see their own power. It is a pleasure to offer my courses online for both Swedish and English-speaking students, as well as in my wonderful studio in Vaxholm in the archipelago near Stockholm.


As a child I loved painting and drawing and, like most children, I felt a great freedom in my creative expression. I was never worried that things needed to look a certain way or that some things would be right and others would not. There was a simple joy and playfulness and there was nothing that could stop me from exploring and discovering things about myself and about life. When deep in the moment of creativity I lost sense of time and space.

Unfortunately, this freedom gradually disappeared. I have a clear memory of when I was about 10 years old. I was painting wooden jewellery at the after school centre and as I added all kinds of colours to my wooden leaf, I was told that blue was not a realistic colour for an autumn leaf. Bit by bit, I learned to only appreciate things that looked a certain way, that were “right” and “realistic” and of course the next step was that I began to have expectations about my own creativity. I would paint things exactly as they looked and that was good enough. I was never particularly good at transferring what I saw to the paper, like many others, and as a result, as you can imagine, a lot of the love and the joy related to painting disappeared for me.

However, my passion for expressing myself creatively didn’t die so easily. I proceeded to study art at all possible levels and at many different schools. I was looking for keys that would lead me back to the joy and playfulness of creating art that I knew as a child. I discovered them sometimes, here and there, but never in a way that could help me understand how I could have constant access to that place in me.

The pressure to achieve things that I put upon myself by believing that I had to DO something to be worthy of anything in life, pulled me further and further away from the simple joy of just BEING. Stress, tension and anxiety overpowered me to the extent that one day I woke up and found myself on sick leave from my studies because of burnout and depression. It took me over 2 years to get well and during this time it was necessary for me to ask all the existential questions about what life really is about.

In the middle of all this when I felt very confused and as if I had lost myself, I received the gift of the painting method of Vedic Arts and its 17 principles. The moment I started the first principle of art and life, I knew that this was what I had been looking for, this was the way back to my creative joy, my playfulness and exploration beyond intellectual concepts and ideas about what is right and wrong.

I have now painted, taught and lived with Vedic Art since 2006. Thanks to this amazing approach to art and life I have developed my own artistic style that enables me to inspire other people and I now exhibit my works in many different countries. I have found my own visual artistic language that I would never had arrived at had I tried to think my way into it. It is the result of hard work, joy, relentless exploration, playfulness, risk-taking, infinite mistakes, stubborn perseverance (on the verge of obsession), vulnerability and immense curiosity to meet what’s happening on the canvas in each moment as openly as I can.

Vedic Art has been the key to “rediscovering” the creativity I always knew was there but did not know how to reach as an adult. It has been the foundation in which I have found the courage to find my own expression. As a teacher it is a great gift and honour to give Vedic Art to those who still feel their creativity is suppressed and who long for freedom in their expression.

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Ania was born in Sweden by Polish parents and grew up in an artist family in Stockholm. After establishing a career as a professional graphic designer, she committed to deepening her creative skills, which led to art and performance studies at high school in England for many years. Painting has been Ania’s main artistic practice since 2006. She also works as a lecturer and workshop leader in the painting method Vedic Art.

Education and experience

  • Dartington College of Arts Devon, England, Degree in Contemporary Theatre and Movement
  • Cumbria Institute of the Arts Cumbria, England, Diploma in Fine Art
  • Vedic Art – teacher training Öland, Sweden
  • Åsö Gymnasium, Work focused educationStockholm, Sweden, Media design programme
  • Nordens Folkhögskola Stockholm, Sweden, Photography
  • Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden – Art History
  • Sollentuna Fria Gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden – Arts programme
  • Steiner School (Waldorf school), Primary and Secondary school in Stockholm, Sweden.


Owner of Ania Witwizka Fine Art Sweden and England (ongoing)
Primary services: paintings, commissioned work and art courses.
Also offer services in illustration and Art Direction.

As well as private clients, company clients include:
– Studio Aroma SPA, Gothenburg
– Narkoskliniken (dentist) Stockholm
– Swedish Forestery Federation Stockholm
– Swedish wood building council in Stockholm
– Di Palomo Cosmetics, Torquay, UK,
– Align Chiropractic, Newton Abbot, UK

Engström m.fl. – advertising agency and producer of business events  Stockholm, Sweden – Art Director and Graphic Designer,

Vedic Art Centre Öland, Sweden – Workshop leader at yearly summer camp

University College Falmouth, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK – Guest lecturer

The Moveable Feast Workshop Company, Devon, England, – Guest Workshop Leader

A-levels school: Sundstagymansiet, Karlstad, Sweden – Guest Workshop Leader

Other experience

– Artist’s residency at ComPeung, Chiang Mai, Thailand
– Project manager for a performance-festival, Hedemora, Sweden
– Friskus, Dalarna Sweden, Rehab-program – Guest Workshop Leader
Balanced View Centre, international peace organisation with centres in Sweden, India and England – project manager and hostess